Passport Renewal

Regular Passport or Renewal of Expiring Passport (Normal Processing Time: 5-7 weeks BUT the application from Ireland, Malta and Iceland or any other postal applications may take 2-3 months (special circumstances apply).

  • Two copies of the completed and printed application form.Download
    (To Save the Form ‘Right Click’ on the downloaded Form and click on ‘Save As’. Save the Form on your computer then fill the Form. To Print, please select Option ‘NONE’ on ‘Page Scaling’ or ‘ACTUAL SIZE’, then Print the completed Form),
  • Valid Passport & Photocopy of passport,
  • Recent Visa Copy,
  • Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate,
  • Total 2 pp size photographs (borderless, white background, colour, size 35mm x 45mm),
  • Due to the Live MRP enrollment system, the applicant must visit the embassy with cash of (£110) for passport fee except for the special circumstances.
  • The application by post is no longer accepted except for the special circumstances. However, applicant from Ireland, Malta or Iceland can apply for MRP by post. If applying by post, please enclose bank draft or postal order of (£110) made payable to ‘Embassy of Nepal’ and a separate (£10) bank draft or postal order for the self addressed return envelope (for renewed passport to be sent back). In addition, postal application should send 4 pp size photographs (border less, white background, colour, size 35mm x 45mm),

Photographs for MRP passport must be professionally printed with white background, standard size of (35mm x 45mm), border less and 80% of your face should be shown. Taking photos at Professional photo studios are highly recommended.

Note: If you have pending visa application with old handwritten passport at home office and you need to apply for MRP without passport, please ensure that you provide Home Office letter which includes your home office or case reference number.

Handwritten MRP Application forms are NOT accepted. Please kindly ‘download’, ‘save’ and ‘fill’ the Application Form online, then, ‘PRINT’ the form. Download

For more information please contact us on 02072437859 or email: