Taking Pets to Nepal

(C3) Taking Pets to Nepal

  • Application letter addressed to the Embassy with flight details
  • Copy of passport of the applicant
  • Copy of health certificate, rabies vaccination certificate of the concerned pet
  • Application fee: £40.00 (Effective from 17 July 2018).
  • Processing time: Same day
  • If you are applying by post remember to enclose self addressed return envelope.
  • Card Payment (Visa Debit/Credit, Master Card Debit/Credit, All Maestro cards) is acceptable.
  • For the applicants, sending their application by post, a Virtual Payment (Visa Debit/Credit, Master Card Debit/Credit, All Maestro cards) link will be sent to the applicant’s email once the documents are received at the Embassy. They are also requested to enclose a self addressed non-expiring prepaid envelope as per necessity with the application.
  • Please do not enclose a postal order or a bank draft for the payment now onwards.

Basic documentation (information) on taking pets to Nepal:

a) A health certificate of the pet (the certificate should be issued within 10 days of your arrival in Nepal). It will be valid for 30 days. Another health certificate can be produced in Nepal.
b) A Rabies vaccination Card.
c) The owner of the pet should inform the Animal Quarantine Office in Nepal about the time they are arriving at the TIA airport. So they need to send an email with the copies of their arrival time in Nepal (flight details), applicant’s passport copy, health certificate and rabies vaccine card at ktmquarantine@gmail.com.
d) If they wish to talk to anybody there, they can call at +977-9851181823.
e) If they wish to get a recommendation letter from the Embassy, they can submit an application with the above mentioned documents. But it is not mandatory.
f) The Animal Quarantine Office can be contacted for more information.

For more information, please contact us on 02072291594 or email: consular@nepembassy.org.uk