Note: The Embassy opens appointment slots in the morning on every office opening days. The applicants are requested to visit the Embassy’s website for it and if the appointment slot is not available that day, they are requested to wait for the next appointment slots to be opened. The Embassy also requests the applicants not to contact the Embassy for it.

The applicants are required to fill the pre-enrollment form and and be physically present at the Embassy only on the provided date and time of the appointment. 

List of required documents to renew or apply for the replacement of lost or damaged passport:

  • A print-out of the application form,
  • An original passport and it’s copy (Copy of passport if lost),
  • An original Nepali Citizenship Certificate (Clear copy of Nepali Citizenship if original is not available) and it’s copy,
  • A copy of a marriage registration certificate or a divorce registration certificate if the applicant’s surname has been changed after getting married or divorced.

While filling the pre-enrollment form, the applicants are requested to follow the processes as mentioned in the provided link (Process for e-passport pre-enrollment in Nepali). If the applicant doesn’t have Nepali mobile number, they can mention their UK mobile no (omitting 0) after Nepal’s country code +977.

Fees for the renewal of E-Passport is £110.

The applicants are not required to pay the fees online. They can make the payment during their visit to the Embassy for biometrics with the bank cards (Visa Debit/Credit, Master Card Debit/Credit, All Maestro cards). 

The e-passport processing time is 5-7 weeks. 

Jewelleries and makeups should be removed before providing biometrics.

For Replacement of lost/Stolen/Damaged E-Passport, the applicant should submit an application stating reasons of lost/stolen/damage and submit the photocopy of the lost/stolen/damaged passport. The fees for the replacement of lost/stolen/damaged passport is £220.

E-Passport for the Children below 10 years

To make an application for an E-Passport for the Children below 10 years, the applicant requires to submit the following documents, including the print-out of the pre-enrollment form:

An application specifying of its need from parents.

An original passport (if the applicant holds one)

A photocopy of birth registration certificate (having parents’ name). UK birth registration Certificate is valid only for first time application.

A Child Birth Certificate/Minor Certificate if the child was born in Nepal.

A photocopy of parent’s passport.

A photocopy of parent’s Nepalese citizenship certificate.

A copy of parent’s marriage registration certificate.

The fees for the application of an E-Passport or a renewal of the old passport is £55.

**The Children over 10 years and under 16 years and the applicants who are above 16 years but have not received Nepali Citizenship Certificate also require to submit the same documents as above but the fees would be the same as adults. If the Children over 16 years could not travel to Nepal for Nepalese Citizenship Certificate, they will be allowed to apply for an e-passport with the validity of 2 years for once. During 2 years period, they need to visit to Nepal to get a Nepali Citizenship Certificate and apply for a new passport from Nepal. The renewal of passport  from the Embassy is not possible without getting the Nepali Citizenship Certificate after that.

**In case of minor (below 5 years), photographs for an e-passport must be professionally printed with white background, standard size of (35mm x 45mm), border less and 80% of the face should be shown. Taking photos at Professional photo studios are highly recommended.

Instructions to Fill Out the pre-enrollment form

Enter https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np/ on your browser.

Choose among First Issuance/Renewal/ Replacement (Lost/Stolen)/Replacement (Damaged). Hand written passport holders must chose First Issuance.

Select Ordinary (34 pages) or one of the available options and then click on proceed.

Select ‘ I agree ‘

Fill up your required details under the different subheadings. Please note that applicants in the United Kingdom are not mandatorily required to fill up their National ID Number. You can skip the field if you do not have National ID number.

Upload separate scanned copies of your Nepali citizenship card (front and back). Also, upload scanned copies of your MRP passport’ s personal data page (Page 2 and Page 3) and back page (Page 30 and Page 31). You are also required to upload a scanned copy of your marriage/divorce certificate in case your current surname has changed because of your marriage or divorce.

Similarly, you are required to upload a scanned copy of your migration certificate in case your permanent address is other than mentioned in your citizenship card.

Click on ‘Book Your Appointment’ and select NE, London as your option and select your preferred date and time. 

Then submit the form and download it.

Please print a copy of the form as it should be submitted along with your application at the Embassy.

Collection of passport:

Notification of the arrival of passport will be sent to the applicant’s email address once the passport is received at the Embassy. After getting notified, collection of passports can be done as follows:

  • Visit the Embassy in person with current passport and payment receipt.
  • The Embassy would send the passport of those applicants who have left/sent a self-addressed return envelope at the Embassy.
  • Request any courier services to collect their passport from the Embassy. If you book the courier service to collect your passport, you are requested to send the labels to the Embassy’s email and request to prepare your passport for collection. 

Note: If you have a pending visa application with old handwritten passport at home office and you need to apply for an e-passport without an original passport, please ensure that you provide a Home Office letter which includes your home office or case reference number.

For more information please contact us on 02072291594 or email: consular@nepembassy.org.uk