Updated Notice on Requirements for Travelling to Nepal

All fully vaccinated foreigners travelling to Nepal from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta must present the following documentation on arrival in Nepal in addition to those required for visa:

a) Evidence of completion of 14 days of full vaccination against COVID-19,

b) COVID-19 negative PCR test report obtained within 72 hours of the departure from first port of embarkation.

c) Copy of mountaineering /trekking permits or other related permits if any,

d) Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal,

e) Print copy of International Traveler Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in www.ccmc.gov.np.

Foreigners without vaccination or incomplete vaccination or within 14 days of vaccination shall mandatorily obtain a prior visa from the Nepalese Embassy.

While making an application for a visa at the Embassy, the vaccinated visa applicants should submit the aforementioned documents in (a), (c) and (d) whereas the unvaccinated applicants should submit the documents in (c) and (d) and all the travelers are required to submit the documents in (b) and (e) at the Immigration entry points in Nepal.

Fully vaccinated Nepali citizens, Non-resident Nepali Citizens and their family members are allowed to move towards their destination if they meet the requirements as aforementioned in (a), (b) and (e).

Unvaccinated Nepali citizens, Non-resident Nepali Citizens and their family members shall take an antigen test at Immigration entry point and allowed to move towards to their destination if tested negative and sent to isolation or hospital if tested positive.

Further information on entry requirements and visas are available on the Department of Immigration’s website.

Embassy of Nepal
20 January 2022